The RPS-15 Radar System detects, tracks, classifies and locates direct and elevated threats which are fired at combat vehicles. It computes the Point-Of-Origin (POO) and Point-Of-Impact (POI) coordinates of the threats, which may be ATGMs, RPGs, Tank Cannon Projectiles, Low-QE Rockets and Mortars, Small Arms, and more.

The RPS-15 Active Electronically Scanning Array (AESA) radar supports any protection systems with the following roles:

  • Detection of all relevant threats (ATMs, RPGs, Projectiles)
  • Track while search - tracking detected threats for precise data provisioning, while continuously scanning the entire arena for additional threats
  • Locating threat's firing positions for counterfire reaction

The RPS-15 is a member of RADA's Compact Hemispheric Radar (CHR) family, enabling advanced force protection solutions for combat vehicles.

Key characteristics of the CHR technology:

  • Pulse Doppler, Software-Defined Radars
  • Armored, AESA (Active Electronically Scanned Array) Antenna
  • Solid State, Digital, no moving part
  • Extremely High Elevation Coverage
  • Compact and Mobile, for Tactical Applications
  • High Reliability
  • Superior Performance-to-Price Ratio

Hemispheric coverage is achieved by the simultaneous operation of either three or four identical and interchangeable radars, each covering 120° in Azimuth and 70° in Elevation.

The system can be integrated with existing Battle Management Systems, displays and
Data Links onboard the vehicle using its standard Ethernet interfaces.