The RPS-40 Radar System detects, tracks and classifies direct and elevated threats which are fired at stationary or mobile forces. It computes the Point-Of-Origin (POO) and Point-Of-Impact (POI) of the threats, which may be Rockets, Artillery, Mortars (RAM), ATGMs, RPGs, Low QE and more.

The RPS-40 is a member of RADA's Multi-Mission Hemispheric Radar (MHR) family, providing advanced protection solutions.

Key characteristics of the MHR technology:

  • Pulse Doppler, Software-Defined Radars
  • AESA (Active Electronically Scanned Array) Antenna
  • Solid State, Digital, no moving part 
  • Extremely High Elevation Coverage
  • Compact and Mobile, for Tactical Applications
  • High Reliability
  • Superior Performance-to-Price Ratio

Hemisphere coverage can be achieved by the simultaneous operation of four identical and interchangeable radars, each covering 90° in Azimuth and 70° in Elevation.

The system utilizes three modes for trajectory detection and tracking:

  • Hemispheric Search, providing hemispheric detection and tracking at radii of up to 5 km
  • Sector Search, extending trajectory tracking ranges up to 10 km
  • Horizontal Search, providing search and track of direct and near-direct threats

The RPS-40 Radar System can be integrated with any protection system and other radars/sensors using its standard Ethernet channel. It may be installed onboard fighting vehicles for deployable force protection or at stationary bases and posts