RADA's All-Threat Tactical Air-Surveillance radar systems detect all types of aerial vehicles (including UAVs of all groups) and missiles, rockets and mortars. They classify the threats, provide and display tracking and warning/alert, and provide data to external C4I and air defense weapon systems over Ethernet, making them the ideal sensors for MANPAD, VSHORAD, SHORAD and tactical IAMD systems.

The radar systems can be based on any member of RADA’s Multi-Mission Hemispheric Radar (MHR) family of tactical radar platforms – MHR, ieMHR, xrMHR (Mid-Range Radar) also the Compact Hemispheric Radar (eCHR) platform. These radar platforms differ primarily in antenna sizes, resulting in maximal detection ranges.

The MHR/eCHR based air surveillance radars are the system of choice for current and emerging tactical Integrated Air & Missile Defense weapon systems, whether based on guns, missiles, directed energy, or other threat defeat technologies. These tactical radar systems are also ideal gap-fillers, complementing medium and long-range air surveillance systems. The radars can work at any installation method: fixed, deployable/maneuverable, operate OTM onboard tactical land vehicles, or shipborne onboard littoral combat and patrol ships.

When radars are integrated with EO/IR sensors and RF jammers, this counter-UAV (C-UAV) system provides a complete "soft-kill" solution against nano, micro and mini-size drones.

A single radar platform provides 90º azimuth coverage using MHR / eCHR.
Hemispheric coverage is achieved when four/three identical and interchangeable radars are employed as a system.

Key characteristics:

  • Pulse Doppler, Software-Defined, Multi-Mission Radars Platforms
  • AESA (Active Electronically Scanned Array) Antenna based on GaN Amplifiers
  • Extremely High Elevation Angles, up to Hemispheric Coverage
  • On-the-Move (OTM) Operation
  • Non-Ratating, Solid State, Digital Radars
  • Compact and Mobile, for Tactical Applications
  • High Reliability
  • Superior Performance-to-Price Ratio